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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kadarshian Family Invited By Justin Bieber in World Premiere of "Never Say Never"

Justin Bieber is love Kadarshian sisters, especially the vulgar and old Kim Kadarshian. it's show in his first movie "Never Say Never 3D" world premiere in LA.

Kadarshians sisters including Kim, Kylie,Kendal and Kourtney show know is fan of Justin Bieber. They don't realized that they old enough to love Justin Bieber, especially for Kim Kadarshian. Geez if I justin Bieber I would never invited this p0rno family.

The Kadarshians clan show they VIP card given direct from Justin Bieber in their twitter account. I guess they gonna receives another dead threat from Justin Bieber's fans a.k.a Beliebers. I don't what's going on Kim Kadarshian, she love to collect many boytoy, even the younger one like Justin Bieber.

The movie "Never Say Never" will premiere on february 11th 2011. and this movie is 3D, I hope they won't see Justin Bieber cry with 3D glasses.
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Check Justin Bieber's Movie Never Say Never First Look

Justin Bieber a.k.a kidrauhl in his youtube account will launched his first 3D movie titles "Never Say Never" on February the 11th. But the first look of this movie you can watch below.

I was wondering what was the movie about,"Never Say Never" Hmmm... it's so weird movie title if we talk about 3D. I thought 3D movie is for action or horror movie. If this drama movie, who the heck want to see Justin Bieber crying with 3D glasses, that so stupid.

Justin Bieber is no on my list of favourit celebrity. the reason was, first he's no talent and the second he was a douchebag who think that he was the most admiral person in  the worl. I'm also disguisted by his lame life story. He was man but acted like teen girl.

No wonder many blog gossip blass him as gay pop star. Well, Justin, I will say never to you. Infact we will say never to you. You are no talent and please just stop singing,acting and anything. Just go to school and crying to your mama.

Check the video below:

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Bob Marley Don't Have a Hit Song: What? I Didn't Know that!

Many of us never realized that many of superstar singer actually doesn't have number 1 song. For example Bob Marley. Who doesn't know this legendary reggae singer. His song come to our mind in 80's ,90's and untill now.

His fans vary from older peoples to a baby. I have see the video about a cry baby who got happy when his father playing Bob Marley song. Rasta...or something. I can't believe a baby can like this kind of song. Well it's true Bob Marley song is so powerful.

But the sad thing was no of his song could reach number one spot on chart. His higher charted song is "Iron Lion Zion" which peaked at number 11 on Alternative Chart.

This is shocking of course, when you realized that Bob Marley is a legend who never had number 1 song. Even untalented singer like Soulja Boy could have number 1 song, why Bob Marley who is a genius in music industry never had hit song.

Bob Marley is apprentice in reggae music, in fact most of peoples think that he was the inventor of reggae.

Personally, I like Bob Marley song especially a song which titled "No woman No Cry" which is an classic master piece. for me he just like Beethoven from Jamaica. He creates his song with his style. No wonder after he passed away he song still we learn and still hot song for radio station.

Well no matter what, no one can't take the fact that Bob Marley is still a legend even without a single number one song. it's like "No Number one song, No Cry". Respect for Bob Marley
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Michael Jackson Launch a Fragrance Line?

Even after his pass away last year, the king of pop show us that his charisma will never end. It proves when French fragrance company launch a parfum collection tribute to Michael Jackson.

In december last year, the Jackson family make an agreement for the perfume contract with the french fragrance company boss, Julian Rouas. And the revenue of perfume will be 50-50. for Michael prize, the Jackson family want it for Michael charity foundation.

Check Michael perfume television video below.

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Gwen Stefani Is The New Face Of L'oreal Paris

There's a lot of celebrity to become ambassador for cosmetic company. After the cutie pie, Taylor Swift becoming the new ambassador for Cover Girl cosmetic last month, now for turn of blond diva, Gwen Stefani.  the "rich girl" singer becoming more richer after being pick by L'oreal Paris as they new global ambassador.

The No Doubt lead singer will joins other 3 L'oreal girls including Beyonce Knowles, Desperate Housewives's Eva Longoria and American Idol judge, Jennifer Lopez.

When asked about this news Gwen said :

I can’t believe I get to be one of the L’OrĂ©al Paris girls. I love playing dress-up, onstage or shooting videos, it’s always been one of my favorite parts of being in a band. And to get to work with such a modern, talented group of people is really exciting,”

The 41 years old singer also prepare to launch her third studio album and her band no doubt comeback album after almost a decade vacuum.

The foto above was her first shoot campaign and television advertise will aired during Golden Globe awards telecast on NBC this sunday , 16 January 2011.

Congratulation BB, it's proves that even you're old yous still pretty and worth. Maturity makes Gwen more beautiful ever. Her skin doesn't look old and her charisma so amaze me. Good Luck Gwen!
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Chaz Bono The Transgender Will Premiere In Oprah Network Television

I have no against gay peoples but I have to admit it so disgusting to make a television show about a women going transmission to be a men. It's against nature but yet on showbusiness everything is legal.

But who supports this crazy reality TV plan? yes the queen of talk bullshit, Oprah Winfrey. The "Obama girl" had launched her own television network called Oprah Winfrey Network a.k.a OWN. and Oprah's first network show is about a women changed herself to be a men called "Becoming Chaz".

The show will premiere on next week and the main star Chaz Bono already interviewed by Entertainment Tonight' Mary Hart about his reality show.

I don't know what wrong with Oprah, she seems love to show peoples about controversial things. From "Fahter rape Daughter", 'Chimp attack a women" to Transgender story. Seriously Oprah, You no different with Jerry Springer and Discovery Channel. I'm so boring about how she desperates to get attention from audience. I thought she's already rich and doesn't need work anymore.

One word for Oprah : Quit!

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I have some disclamer that reader should know:

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Happy Birthday Britney Spears

Maybe it was too late to say Happy Birthday for the Queen of Pop, but we can say this was happy time for our beloved singer, Britney Spears.

I'm used to hate Britney but after many years I realized that she was just tool by illuminati to broke our society. She's actually a nice girl in real life. So you guys should blamed the Iluminati for what she done.

And yes she was a good mother for her child, well I have to admit she's not a good role model for young girls but at least she's not a young girls anymore. I think they need to bash Miley Cyrus because she was a young girl not Britney.

Britney Spears always blowing me with her controversial stories but with those stories she considered as one of the most famous person in 21 century. Do you remember what happen to sexy Marlyn Monroe, well I can tell that Britney and Marylin have same story.

Both a blond sex symbol with huge attention from the media but yet, they both have problem with love relationships. But thanks to Lord Britney don't have same fate as Marylin. I'm so mad when know that many peoples in USA want her just die. Are you serious? that was the most cruel thing that I ever heard.

Anyway whatever peoples said about her, I think she still standing string and try to make comeback on the business. Good luck Britney!
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The Tomboy Alicia Silverstone Pregnant

Alicia Silverstone get pregnant, after waiting long time to get a baby the Canadian actress finally will get status as a mother. She will lost her image as a tomboy or lesbian at least not again.

I'm never fan of Alicia Silverstone but damn she's sexy! I'm heard from Youtube video that she was a Jewish, well honestly I have no problem with Jewish. But why she seems not having much time in hollywood? I'm never see her in any Hollywood movie in 2010.

And her husband Christopher Jarecki is so ugly, Geez I don't know why she want to marry him. I guess she can't pick the right guy for her.

Well congratulation for Alicia, I hope her pregnancy doing well.
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Christina Hendricks Show Off In Playboy Magazine

I'm never like reading playboy magazine, cause I think it's too vulgar. The funny thing is even Playboy Magazine classified as p0rn magazine, the founder Hugh Hefner refused to admit it and said that Playboy is "art magazine". OK seriously, what art part from playboy magazine? its pure p0rn.

In my country Indonesia, the publisher of Indonesia Playboy Magazine had been jailed because broke the law. He accused doing some peoples called "immoral crime". well to be honest I'm disagree with this because I think the publisher just implemented freedom of expression. Indonesia is democracy country so he has right to doing what he want as long doesn't broke the law and harms other peoples.

OK, let stop talking about playboy in my country. Here some new released American Playboy. Christina Hendricks, the sexy actress show off. she explored her beautiful body(but pale too). The concept of the photo spread is American vintage. It's sexy but I have to said it's scary too, she's look like scary doll or undead person. And I have no idea, what the clown have to do with playboy, he looks scary when he laugh.

And the guy, Hmm what he doing in playboy? do you think his sexiness beat Hendricks pale skin. The tanned men seems will get more attention than Christina Hendricks. I wonder why he's used so many tan spray, it's just make his not a Caucasian. Anyway good job for Christina Hendricks, I hope her career better soon.
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