Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kadarshian Family Invited By Justin Bieber in World Premiere of "Never Say Never"

Justin Bieber is love Kadarshian sisters, especially the vulgar and old Kim Kadarshian. it's show in his first movie "Never Say Never 3D" world premiere in LA.

Kadarshians sisters including Kim, Kylie,Kendal and Kourtney show know is fan of Justin Bieber. They don't realized that they old enough to love Justin Bieber, especially for Kim Kadarshian. Geez if I justin Bieber I would never invited this p0rno family.

The Kadarshians clan show they VIP card given direct from Justin Bieber in their twitter account. I guess they gonna receives another dead threat from Justin Bieber's fans a.k.a Beliebers. I don't what's going on Kim Kadarshian, she love to collect many boytoy, even the younger one like Justin Bieber.

The movie "Never Say Never" will premiere on february 11th 2011. and this movie is 3D, I hope they won't see Justin Bieber cry with 3D glasses.

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