Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bob Marley Don't Have a Hit Song: What? I Didn't Know that!

Many of us never realized that many of superstar singer actually doesn't have number 1 song. For example Bob Marley. Who doesn't know this legendary reggae singer. His song come to our mind in 80's ,90's and untill now.

His fans vary from older peoples to a baby. I have see the video about a cry baby who got happy when his father playing Bob Marley song. Rasta...or something. I can't believe a baby can like this kind of song. Well it's true Bob Marley song is so powerful.

But the sad thing was no of his song could reach number one spot on chart. His higher charted song is "Iron Lion Zion" which peaked at number 11 on Alternative Chart.

This is shocking of course, when you realized that Bob Marley is a legend who never had number 1 song. Even untalented singer like Soulja Boy could have number 1 song, why Bob Marley who is a genius in music industry never had hit song.

Bob Marley is apprentice in reggae music, in fact most of peoples think that he was the inventor of reggae.

Personally, I like Bob Marley song especially a song which titled "No woman No Cry" which is an classic master piece. for me he just like Beethoven from Jamaica. He creates his song with his style. No wonder after he passed away he song still we learn and still hot song for radio station.

Well no matter what, no one can't take the fact that Bob Marley is still a legend even without a single number one song. it's like "No Number one song, No Cry". Respect for Bob Marley


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