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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

American Idol Personalities Compete To Make Own Reality Show

Although American Idol did successfully doesn't bring many the reality show stars just seat and just stand from the only one their money sources. Many these personalities launch their own reality show, from the judges such as Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell, Randy Jakcson and even the host show Ryan Seacrest try to their fate on to show business. What they did was absolutely become an phenomenon on show business news. in fact their own created reality show had good rating since the launching.

Lately reported that Simon Cowell will be bringing his singing competition "X Factor" to America and this show will compete with his ex-reality show "American Idol" for attract many viewers. Paula Abdul, Ryan Seacrest,and Randy Jackson soon followed debut their show with dance theme show. Abdul, the former American Idol judge, debut her own show called "Got To Dance" on CBS, she's not only a judge on the show but also the executive producer. The dance competition will be play many different dance with different genre. Paula herself happy with the show because it associated with her hobby and her old job, dancing.

“I’ve spent the better part of my life teaching, mentoring, nurturing - working with so many talented people - and I consider myself truly blessed to be able to continue to do something that I hold so dear to my heart,” quoted Abdul as saying.

While other judge Randy Jackson also planned to create his own show based on dancing theme. his show called "Randy Jackson Presents: America’s Best Dance Crew" already aired several since a month ago and aired in MTV, randy said work with MTV already was his wild dream since a long ago.

“I have always wanted to do something with MTV,” Randy said. “MTV has the biggest voice, especially as it relates to music, dance and entertainment. I’m happy to be joining with them on this show — it’s the hottest show, finding the best dance crews in America. The show is going to be blazing hot ’cause that’s the way the Dawg always does it — hot!!

In other hand, the Host of the show, Ryan Seacrest also had his own reality show. just same as Jackson show, Seacrest show also based on dancing competition, on this show he will be work together with world famous choreographer Laura Ann Gibson. Gibson who already be named of productions Lad Gaga's Video Such as Telephone, Paparazzi, and Love Game. Secrest has already found success with numerous other shows including Keeping Up With The Kadarshians, Kourtney and Kloe Take Miami, and Denis Richards: It's Complicated.

Well it's clear those peoples need to work hard to famousizer their reality show not overshadowed by American Idol. In fact nobody know whether their show it's gonna be success or not. It could be Major Success or Completely disaster. we'll see!

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Try Anything To Get Her Out From Jail

Lindsay lohan seems very working hard lately. After being rumoured that she's punched by the waitress last week, reported that the mean girls spent part of her holiday at ed alcohol class in Glendale. According to media this crap she did to convinced the judge that she wasn't an alcoholic bitch even there's many evidence that she was a drug and alcoholic hard consumer. for you information Lindsay's SCRAM device revealed a blood alcohol level of 0.04 after the MTV Movie Awards, it's proof this bad girl didn't wanna change!

So Lindsay, what's next have you do if the Judge didn't convinced that you already become a good girl? well I guest the jail is the answer, I hope her fate doesn't same as Paris Hilton jail experience.
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Monday, July 5, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Got Punched!

There you go bad girl! well it's look like Lindsay Lohan got the worst gift ever on her 24Th birthday party. lately reported that the mean girls got a jab from a waitress from the club that the birthday party was held. there's no clear reason why the waitress that had name "Jasmine Waltz" punching this trashy girl but according to an source, Waltz seems jealous to lohan because the mean girls hanging out with her former boyfriend, Doug Reinhardt on that cocktail party. For your information, Doug also was Paris Hilton ex-boyfriend.

Lohan stated that she had no idea why the waitress punched her. "A waitress just hit me – punched me for no reason,” the Machete actress Tweeted moments after the alleged incident.

Jasmine Waltz herself confirmed denied the punching incident even tough that she want to. Wow sounds like treath. Go away Lindsay, there's many peoples hate you now!
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Why Shakira Upset With The Official Anthem FIFA World Cup 2010?

Really Shakira? I know your trashy song's called "Waka Waka" was more popular than K'naan beautiful song's "Wavin Flag" but Waving Flag more grateful and give a good message than your song. it seems like she's not satisfied being the first artist to get two consecutive in the row to singing for World Cup(2006 and 2007). but why she's complaining?

Actually FIFA organization gave big opportunities for this Colombian untalented singers, she's just impolite to said that her song's didn't come up to be the firs pick for this event. Come on Shakira don't use your another trashy soccer theme song to get back your pasty fame, just creates a new another good song's like "Whenever,Wherever".

In otherwise K'naan song's become popular and Coca Cola decided to used that song's for their commercial advertising. It's good because I'm tired of seeing Shakira to shake her butt and give that for Young's viewer, How slut she was!
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Do You Think Cristiano Ronaldo's New Girlfriend Hot?

Well I don't think so, it's look like the CR7 just only want to have fun with this Russian supermodel. She's less attractive that any former Ronaldo's girlfriend. I just can't imagine why he likes this girl that have name Irina Sheik. It seems Ronaldo had loss his persona to attract hot young women because he soon will be a father :(

BTW why her last name Sheik? is she a Muslim?. well i don't know but it's very clear she was not to beautiful for me even she's got supermodel status. Just kidding! :) She's hot CR7!
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Carrie Prejean Married

Maybe alot of peoples in America hate her right know, but it's clear that Carrie Prejean is tough girl. She showed us that truth is very important in this life. She's also prove that in God hands, we can do anything. She was a good role model for alot of young women.

Well I guest today was her special day, because finally the former Miss California got married to her boyfriend, NFL superstar, a quarterback from Oakland Raiders, Kyle Boller. This couples had been together since February 2009 and already engaged after that.

E! Online reported that the wedding party was "beautiful", Carrie wear a mermaid gown while her partner wore a steady tuxedo. The party had been held in Capella Church, located inside the Grand Del Mar hotel in San Diego, California. it seems everybody look happy told the news.

Carrie become famous on her answer on same sex marriage asked by controversial celebrity, Perez Hilton. the answer was great because she said what was she tough right. it's funny because many peoples hate her because she give an opinion to answer a question that she should be answering. But whatever it is, Congrats Carrie!
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