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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

That's Why Ellen DeGeneres Is Annoying

What if Taylor Swift have heart attack, I believe she's dead now. Just look what Ellen DeGeneres did to her last night, this lesbian women scares baby Taylor again. In my opninion why she's did this because I think she likes Taylor so much, what Portia De Rossi feel about this anyway. In Ellen show, Taylor Swift as guest look sweet with her cute blonde hair. Her dress so versatile combined with her well speaking, I think she the beautiful women ever in that show.

The show that aired last night becoming trending video in Youtube. Taylor attend as guest scares by a Barney doll and actually this idea comes from Ellen. The suprises very rare happen on Ellen show, but Taylor once again shows her professionalism as public figure, on that Video she doesn't swearing or tell something bad because the shock suprise. 

In otherway Ellen DeGeneres shows her Jerkness once again. I mean what the good point  shocking a teenage girl? She just scares me sometimes. Taylor so sweet but what if she had heart attack desease? well maybe this Oprah wannabe will going to jail. 

Ellen You'r not annoying and not funny at all! Check the video below.

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