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Friday, December 18, 2009

"The Beautiful Life" Is Over!!!(Aired on Youtube)

Another CW's drama series finaly canceled by CW ,Yupz it was "The Beautiful Life". It seems this drama does not beautiful as its name. According the news I was read before, this Drama series already aired amount two episode, but unlucky it's lack of audience on the premiere. CW's said TBL only attracted 1 million viewers in first two episode, that small numbers for CW's Standard. Not sure what is the fails factor actually happened to this Modeling Story but it seems lack of advertising to promote this Drama.

So sad it was cancelled earlier by CW's. In my opinion, this Drama actually pretty good. Modeling theme become booming on TV right now. It's atrracted not only for women but men too, even gay one. It's completely hurt for Ashton Kutcher's Katalyst, that produce this drama series. I think Katalyst already spend alot of money to make this Drama, just see the first episode of TBL, very glamour and rich in my opinion. I guess they try to make good impression to audience but unfortunately "no body know it was on",Kutcher Said on TBL youtube account Video.

So because it was canceled and no one Networks TV want to air it, so finally they decided to airing TBL online on Youtube. I'm happy to watch this drama online actually, because it was commercial free but I think Kutcher should be patience and learn alot from this failure and not make mistake anymore.

Mischa Barton and Sara Paxton maybe the attract factor in this Drama. Especially Miss Barton which famous from her success Drama The O.C seems very happy to participated in this Drama. According to news Mischa even get cared in LA Cedar Sinai Medical Center because got bad accident on the set. Poor Mischa because even her sacrafice was big for this drama, but it wasn't pay off.

Ok just watch first episode of The Beautiful Life bellow,,,Enjoy it!!!!

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