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Monday, December 13, 2010

Ozzy Osbourne Mocking Justin Bieber

There's something funny happens On Fuse TV Talk show recently this week. Ozzy Osbourne, the former rock star made the audience of the show, laughing like a dead. He said he didn't know who the F*** Justin Bieber was. The funny thing when Ozzy said that, the talk show host said he likes the answer.'s look like evrybody hates Justin Bieber now. This funny moment started when the host asked Ozzy Osbourne if he likes listening some kind of new music and Ozzy said he doesn't really listen any new music.

BTW why everybody in Entertainment Business talk about Justin Bieber when subject come to a new music, they talk like Justin Bieber is a legend or phenomenon or something. It just sad to know that music suck right now, no talents at all, especially Justin Bieber. Believe me this "so gay" kid only get famous because his mentor, USHER, who used created music for him and signed him to his record label. While young listener especially the young girls saw him as the new Justin Timberlake, in my opinion this snobby little kid is nothing compare to Justin Timberlake(even I don't like him too). Infact years by now this "girlie voice" singer will disappeared alongside with other crazy teenage stars like Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus and Jonas Brothers. those artist haven't talent as an artist and they don't give any new things to music industry.

So do you love or hate Justin Bieber?? Well it just time will answer this stupid question.
BTW check this video below when Ozzy mocking Justin Bieber.

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