Sunday, January 16, 2011

Check Justin Bieber's Movie Never Say Never First Look

Justin Bieber a.k.a kidrauhl in his youtube account will launched his first 3D movie titles "Never Say Never" on February the 11th. But the first look of this movie you can watch below.

I was wondering what was the movie about,"Never Say Never" Hmmm... it's so weird movie title if we talk about 3D. I thought 3D movie is for action or horror movie. If this drama movie, who the heck want to see Justin Bieber crying with 3D glasses, that so stupid.

Justin Bieber is no on my list of favourit celebrity. the reason was, first he's no talent and the second he was a douchebag who think that he was the most admiral person in  the worl. I'm also disguisted by his lame life story. He was man but acted like teen girl.

No wonder many blog gossip blass him as gay pop star. Well, Justin, I will say never to you. Infact we will say never to you. You are no talent and please just stop singing,acting and anything. Just go to school and crying to your mama.

Check the video below:


CHINI on April 8, 2011 at 1:49 PM said...

Never say we first, because first position required heavy progress in the field
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