Monday, July 5, 2010

Carrie Prejean Married

Maybe alot of peoples in America hate her right know, but it's clear that Carrie Prejean is tough girl. She showed us that truth is very important in this life. She's also prove that in God hands, we can do anything. She was a good role model for alot of young women.

Well I guest today was her special day, because finally the former Miss California got married to her boyfriend, NFL superstar, a quarterback from Oakland Raiders, Kyle Boller. This couples had been together since February 2009 and already engaged after that.

E! Online reported that the wedding party was "beautiful", Carrie wear a mermaid gown while her partner wore a steady tuxedo. The party had been held in Capella Church, located inside the Grand Del Mar hotel in San Diego, California. it seems everybody look happy told the news.

Carrie become famous on her answer on same sex marriage asked by controversial celebrity, Perez Hilton. the answer was great because she said what was she tough right. it's funny because many peoples hate her because she give an opinion to answer a question that she should be answering. But whatever it is, Congrats Carrie!


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