Monday, July 5, 2010

Why Shakira Upset With The Official Anthem FIFA World Cup 2010?

Really Shakira? I know your trashy song's called "Waka Waka" was more popular than K'naan beautiful song's "Wavin Flag" but Waving Flag more grateful and give a good message than your song. it seems like she's not satisfied being the first artist to get two consecutive in the row to singing for World Cup(2006 and 2007). but why she's complaining?

Actually FIFA organization gave big opportunities for this Colombian untalented singers, she's just impolite to said that her song's didn't come up to be the firs pick for this event. Come on Shakira don't use your another trashy soccer theme song to get back your pasty fame, just creates a new another good song's like "Whenever,Wherever".

In otherwise K'naan song's become popular and Coca Cola decided to used that song's for their commercial advertising. It's good because I'm tired of seeing Shakira to shake her butt and give that for Young's viewer, How slut she was!


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