Monday, July 5, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Got Punched!

There you go bad girl! well it's look like Lindsay Lohan got the worst gift ever on her 24Th birthday party. lately reported that the mean girls got a jab from a waitress from the club that the birthday party was held. there's no clear reason why the waitress that had name "Jasmine Waltz" punching this trashy girl but according to an source, Waltz seems jealous to lohan because the mean girls hanging out with her former boyfriend, Doug Reinhardt on that cocktail party. For your information, Doug also was Paris Hilton ex-boyfriend.

Lohan stated that she had no idea why the waitress punched her. "A waitress just hit me – punched me for no reason,” the Machete actress Tweeted moments after the alleged incident.

Jasmine Waltz herself confirmed denied the punching incident even tough that she want to. Wow sounds like treath. Go away Lindsay, there's many peoples hate you now!


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