Monday, October 4, 2010

OMG! Former Hollywood Actor Becoming Tupperware Salesman

I don't know who is Danny Pintauro was but what I read from other blog describes he as former famous Hollywood actor. But let be honest I big fan of Hollywood Movie but Danny Pintauro names doesn't familiar in my mind, I guess he was old Hollywood actor.

But here's the deal, Danny Pintauro the former Hollywood actor becoming Tupperware salesman, don't you think it's sound so desperate, especially for former glamour Hollywood actor? That such ironic for me and give us lesson Hollywood doesn't guarantee you to be rich and happy. He strongly promotes Tupperware product, here's I get from his websites:

"My name is Daniel and I am a brand new Tupperware Consultant. Tupperware is a fantastic line of products that has been around for 60 years! Its green, its affordable, and every item you purchase comes with a lifetime guarantee! I’m here to party with you and show you that Tupperware is sexy, hip, and not just in your grandmother’s kitchen! Look out America! Here we come! If you live in Southern California, I’d love to come to your house and have a party. Check out my page, check out the products, then send me an email to get the ball rolling! Don’t forget, everybody who hosts gets FREE Tupperware as a thank you and the more I sell at your party, the more free Tupperware you qualify for….”
and here's some movie or drama series that he was starred.


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