Monday, October 4, 2010

Another Super Raunchy Dress from Miley : What Wrong With You Miley?

Couple years ago, I'm big fan of Miley Cyrus, I think she was an good actress and singer but for now I don't want to talk about her again. Since the dance pole incident at Teen Choice Award two years ago my respect to her has gone drastically but when she show another bad naughty behaviour and dress, I becoming hate of her. This was not normal for me to hate someone who before i love.

Since Hannah Montana becoming international phenomenon, Miley suddenly seems uncontrolled, she did many bad things contradict with her young ages. She wasn't role model anymore and everybody becoming hater for her. but unfortunately Miley never learn from failure, she always repeat the same mistakes just look at her super raunchy taken by Paparazzi lats night. She was only 17 years old but her dress just like prostitute and she did go to discotheque, I don't know how standard ages in California for people which can go to Night Club

It's enough Miley!, your fame has over, you are not star anymore. Since Hannah Montana end(which Miley herself resigned), Miley rarely get success in Music industry or in movie. Just look at her last studio album Can't Be Tamed  it was the flop album Miley ever had and her last movie such as The Last Song and LOL failed to charted on Box Office and scored low gross. Seems like the new image of Miley Cyrus doesn't work for Entertainment Industry.

Oh...I miss the old Miley Cyrus.


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