Thursday, December 9, 2010

Taylor Momsen Being Bitchy In Snowy Paris

The Gossip girl star seems happy to make controversy to another controversy. After shocking us with her vulgar video music,Miss Nothing and get no clothes at one of her concert, The Jenny Humphrey Portrayed on CW hit TV Drama Series Gossip Girl said she promotes the masturbation for the young girls (That a crazy words that running from her mouth currently!). The Grinch actress explained to The Guardian that Seks is one of human nature and should no be afraid for doing that, she also said, young girls should doing masturbation before making love with a men because you should know your body first and know yourself. before taking the next step. Many girls did bad experienced while making love because they don't prepare themselves, so the masturbation is the solution, she added.

Momsen who currently taking break from her hits Drama Series, Gossip Girl had made parents worry to their daughter because this girl gave many bad influence for young girls and I think she should be ban from Television. In other interviews in Paris I'm shocked to know that she had a Video Music with n4ked of her in a Graveyard. The Music Video hasn't released yet because at the time Momsen still underage. Where the the morality of the 17 years old getting n4aked on graveyard. This girl should be aware because she could be more worst than Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan.

Instead of her negativity act, I have to admit this girls is a smart girl. In young ages she already taking role for 12 movies, including the Box Office movie The Grinch. She also getting success in music industry, with her band "Pretty Reckless", this blond talented girl had touring almost in every big cities. In modelling she also getting gold to gold, being front face for Madonna's daughter clothing line called Material Girl and being cover girl in several magazine.

Right now the girl who admit that she doesn't like Gossiping at all, still touring in big snowy Paris. In City Of Lights she and her band will be hit the stages in La Mariquonarie before heading to Scotland and England tomorrow to perform in Manchester and London. Good Luck Taylor!


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