Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Miley Will Be Marry Soon Because of Sex?

What a good news (or bad news), Miley Cyrus finally will be lost her virginity but after marrying with her good looking boyfriend,Liam Hemsworth. Miley before this promised that she never doing sex before married and this actually proved her words. The Hannah Montana will be titled as the young bride of Hollywood. Many assumption from this girl issue, why? because her marriage seems forced and her behaviour worst days after days.

So the question was, Why she so desperate to marry? Well if we see from her behaviour, she seems cannot control herself to making love with boys. Well we can't blame Miley for that because it was human nature. Sex was one of human need. But one thing that Miley should care was, She still role model to her young fans, I can't imagine how feels the mother of Hannah Montana kid fans heard this news.

The Good news is Miley doing sex in married status, so it's taught peoples that if you want to having sex ,you gotta to married. Married makes sex legal, so Good job miley  Event I don't like you anymore,but finally you shows  to us some good values as American Girl.

Well Congrats Hannah Montana or should we called Hannah Hemsworth...


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