Thursday, September 16, 2010

Don't you Think Lady Gaga Overrated?

I'm never like Lady Gaga a.k.a Stefanie Germanotta, but i have to admit she's the drama queen of entertainment world. I mean she had the skill to get all attention to look to her. just look out her at MTV VMA 2010 was held recently at Nokia Theatre in LA, her drama continues and this time will will be big because she got huge nominated for her overrated music video Bad Romance. At the award show Gaga wear varied dress including meet dress which expected will get PETA condemnation. and not surprisingly she got, PETA finally send Gaga a messages about the meat dress even they knew the dress actually wasn't the real meat.

As expected before the tranny win big at the award show, she got 8 awards from 18 nomination including the prestigious one, Video of The Year. When Video of the year announced by the real Diva Cher, Gaga took it and suddenly singing some word: Born This Way!!(nut). Later she told that the word was the title of her next Album which scheduled out in this December. And of course many Gaga Monster(nickname for Gaga fans) can't wait the Album out although they even don't know like what the music will Gaga presents in her third studio Album. Will you buy her new album? I hope not.

But here's the deal, every day we always serves by media about Gaga, Gaga music and other her overrated stuff. All about her even the not important one always being cast on the Internet, and make us bored sometimes. Think it: How come Gaga's meet dress issue overcome the 9/11 memorial ceremony news?Somehow peoples crazy sometimes to think Gaga more important than tragedy issues, it was shame on media! they just used by some Illuminati rich corporate to make Gaga, the Illuminati Queen keep shining in the Showbiz.

Gaga also noted the annoying singer all of time, don't you remember one of her unclassy moment at the Yankee's match? she give F-bomb finger to the audience. Even Jerry Seinfield said that he hate this woman. There's nothing special about her voice nor her dances ability, her music also horrible to heard, so why many peoples like her?I know because she was crazy and raunchy right? this is insane, she have to banned from television, i don't want the kids watch her and try to be like her. Oh...I hope this trashy tranny will fade soon, she's just overrated and boring, and i can't wait for her flop time.

What you think about her?


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