Sunday, July 18, 2010

Paris Hilton Caught Again

Paris Hilton caught again using drugs Recently this week. The Millionaire chick however denied that she using drugs, but apparently arrested by the police. Before that miss Hilton ,also charged using drugs while she was in South Africa to watch world cup 2010 but she's released because no evidence to make her guilty. But seems like this one she's gonna make her way to the jail with former her BFF, Lindsay Lohan who thrown to jail for 90 days for alleged of using heavy alcohol.

Paris in fact already got experience in jail before. in 2007 she was get thrown to jail for her crazy driving and danger to other peoples. She was depressed at the time and ask an "freedom" to Californian Governor and former Hollywood actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Paris finally released shorter than expected and confessed that jail experience made big change to her.

However Paris seems doesn't changer and proved the world that with money someone can do anything. I just wonder why this girl seems so happy go to jail?


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