Friday, July 2, 2010

Lynda Carter Happy With "Wonder Woman" Changes

Do you still remember about superhero comic that famous in 1970's?. yep she was "Wonder Woman", this superhero story also bring to on screen with Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman looks already make sensation in that time, halter top and spandex become popular fashion at 70's. but all of this will changes, when DC Comic unveiled a hip new looks for 21 Century Wonder Women version.

On this version alot of differences from original one, Jacket and leggings. Lynda Carter herself confirmed that she was happy with this changes. "I think it will take time for people to get over not seeing alot of legs" she told ABC. she added that it's going to be very sexy and the new wonder woman is going to be a hip girl.

J. Michael Stracysznky who was the new writer of the DC series, said that Wonder Woman was long overdue for a makeover.

well seems like Wonder Women is going to conservative, but I think the new looks was cool but doesn't show feminime side as woman. what you think?


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