Sunday, July 25, 2010

Christina Milian Divorce In Pregnant Condition, Said Her Husband Is A Liar

Each days many Hollywood couples decided to divorces, after the comedian Kelsey Grammer and actress Sandra Bullock divorced, now time for Christina Milian, singer and actress faces divorce with her famous husband, The Dream. The AM to PM singer told the media that her husband filed to divorces with her just nine days before her baby was born, and she got really pissed.

The diva said that her husband was lied about the status of their marriages and not mentioning about he cheated on her. She also said that if the court should grant the divorces, it should not based on the dream claiming that their marriages was irretrievably broken but because he cheated on her.

Christina seems very devastated from this situation and facing men like dream was such a nightmare. dream was just disgusting men ever, she made Milian signing a settlement agreement where both parties waived alimony or ownership right's to the other person's property. and the worst part was Millian said that the reason why she signed the paper was because the dream brought the papers to her bedside when she was pregnant-nine month and no condition to sign the paper.

What a Disgusting men the dream was!


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