Saturday, July 31, 2010

Angelina Jolie Shocking Photos Outbreaking In A Magazine

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie recently rocked the media with the advent of her wild photos using illegal drugs, released by Star Magazine. The woman that famous through the film "Tomb rider", surprisingly showing her dark side that has not known by the general public. Angie, her nickname, looks very vulgar in photographs taken by one of her closest friends. it's very embarrassing if it was a genuine nature Angie, considering she was always known as an actress who is always praised by the audience of the film for good behavior so far. but it seems it will not last long, considering that now everyone knows who is the actress which starred Changeling, who nominated her as best actress on academy awards.

The photos were of course very embarrassing, because Angie looks so wild and uncontrollable. in the photo Angie was capptured plastered breast while enjoying drugs. it's looks Angie really enjoyed all these actions, as for this to be a justification of who was Angie. A wild woman, once said by author of her unauthorized autobiography, Andrew Morton. Morton himself was the author of a book called Angelina: the unauthorized autobiography, a book which describes the figure of Angie through his eyes. Angie did not wait on the existence of the book, giving rise to that Morton just looking for sensation. but apparently what was said by Morton through his book look like will become a reality. In his book, Morton also says that Angelina is a strange and crazy woman. He mentioned some Angie indecent acts including doing nasty on the red carpet and the general public, plunged into the swimming pool after the movie awards show, kissing the mouth of his younger brother, James Haven, and the collection of her knives and her jewelry. it was really scary!, he added.

The photographs even according to some sources could be the beginning of the cracks of her household who had been beaten by many feud. Her relationship with her husband, Brad Pitt would be more severe than previously preached. brad, will go out of Angie's life if he knew the photographs, said several sources.

Brad-Angie relationship was said to have been experiencing a tide. British media reported that the couples had been files for divorce. however, a spokesman for the Hollywood pair denied it ,saying that the media doesn't know anything about life of this couples.


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